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There are lots of ways you can get involved to help us raise funds. As an independently funded local charity, we are very grateful for your support.

Fundraise as you shop

Did you know that whenever you buy anything online – from your weekly shop to your annual holiday – you could be raising free donations for Citizens Advice Mole Valley. Below are three great fundraising sites that let you raise donations for Citizens Advice Mole Valley whenever you shop online. By using any of these fundraising sites whenever you shop online, a percentage of your shopping bill is converted into a cash donation for us, at no extra cost to you!

Please follow the links below to sign up and raise funds for Citizens Advice Mole Valley. Once signed up, just remember to open the fundraising site first, then click through to the retailers website to make your purchase.

Easyfundraising logo linking to our Easyfundraising website page in a new window.

At easyfundraising, there are over 6,000 shops and sites on board ready to make a donation – including eBay, Argos, John Lewis, ASOS, and M&S – and it won’t cost you a penny extra to help us raise funds.

To raise funds by shopping through easyfundraising, simply visit easyfundraising by clicking the button below, click ‘Sign up and support this cause’, create an account (or log in if you have one) and search for a retailer to shop with.

How it works

Brands pay easyfundraising a commission because when you start your shop from the easyfundraising website or app, the brands can see easyfundraising sent you to their online site. If you make a purchase, a commission is generated and easyfundraising turn that into a donation for Citizens Advice Mole Valley.

Give As You Live Online logo linking to our Give As You Live Online website page in a new window.

Give as you Live Online gives you and your supporters access to donations from 6,000+ stores, including Tesco, Compare the Market, Trainline, and Wayfair.

How it works

Give as you Live turn a percentage of every penny spent online by you into a donation for Citizens Advice Mole Valley.

Shop and Give logo linking to our Shop and Give website page in a new window.

Set up a Supporter account on ShopAndGive and then just visit the ShopAndGive website, desktop reminder or mobile app and click on the retailer link you want to shop at. You’ll find over 2,000 top retailers to shop at.

How it works

Retailers pay TheGivingMachine sales commission every time you click from TheGivingMachine website to a retailer and buy something. TheGivingMachine convert this commission into a free donation for Citizens Advice Mole Valley.

Become a Corporate Partner


You can make a difference

Every year Citizens Advice puts thousands of pounds back into the pockets of hard-pressed families, the unemployed, homeless and poorest communities it serves. It does this by helping them to manage their money, claim their full financial entitlements and avoid the costs of getting into debt. This money is critical to their lives and to local business. Without money people cannot afford the essentials of life and without spending local business cannot thrive. You can help us to keep local markets buoyant by supporting our work with people in need in your community.

Let’s work together!

We believe there are lots of ways local organisations can benefit by partnering with us, working together to make a difference in our local community. We are open to finding meaningful ways to work with local businesses – partnership working is central to the way we work. We know that every organisation is different, so please do contact us below so we can talk about how we can work together.

Other ways to fundraise for us

Mole Valley Community Lottery

The Mole Valley Community Lottery is an exciting weekly lottery that raises money for Citizens Advice Mole Valley and other good causes in Mole Valley. All funds raised will benefit Mole Valley and its residents – and you might win some prizes yourself with the top prize of £25,000 available every week!

How it works

Citizens Advice Mole Valley is registered as a good cause and is available for you to support. By supporting us, 50p from your £1 lottery ticket will go straight to us, 10p towards another good cause in Mole Valley, 20p into the prize pot and the remaining 20p to the administration costs of the lottery set up by Mole Valley District Council. To put this in perspective, only 25% of a National Lottery ticket price goes to good causes – this lottery has more than doubled the ticket percentage that goes to good causes. For example, if 38 tickets a week were bought by Citizens Advice Mole Valley supporters, it would raise £1,000 over one year. This would be extremely useful for us!

Mole Valley Community Lottery logo linking to our Mole Valley Community Lottery website page in a new window.

Leave a gift in your will

Any gift, however small, will help to ensure that we are still here for your family, friends, and people who live and work in Mole Valley. Our advice services are more in demand today than ever before and as we move into the future, that demand looks set to grow even further.

None of us can predict what problems our families and friends — and their children and grandchildren — may face in the future. They might have money difficulties, a relationship breakdown or ill health. They might have a disability, face an employment dispute or become a victim of discrimination. We are determined to make sure that whatever problems they face in the future, they don’t have to face them alone. You can help us achieve this aim by leaving us a gift in your will.

What should I do?

Making or changing a will is easier than you think, although we recommend that you use a solicitor so your wishes are made clear and any legal requirements are taken into account. Give your solicitor our name, registered address, and charity number so they can write the necessary clause in your will.

Name: Citizens Advice Mole Valley

Registered Address: Lyons Court, Dorking, Surrey, RH4 1AB.

Registered Charity Number: 1099626

If you would like to talk to someone about leaving a legacy to Citizens Advice Mole Valley, please contact your solicitor, call us, or write to our CEO at Citizens Advice Mole Valley.

A gift in your will is an investment in the future.

Make a donation

We are immensely grateful for all the donations we receive – donating to Citizens Advice Mole Valley can change the lives of the people we help.

You can make a one-off donation or set up a regular gift to Citizens Advice Mole Valley. Making a regular donation is one of the most effective ways to show your support and commitment – it helps us to plan for the future and ensures that we can continue to run our much-needed advice services. Even £5 a month really does make a difference.