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  • Research & Campaigns

    Citizens Advice is more than an advice agency. We use our clients’ experience, stories and evidence to research and campaign for positive change locally and nationally.

Our research

As a result of our casework we:

  • send powerful and in-depth Evidence Forms to Citizens Advice Central Office in order to influence the Government when they are planning new laws
  • highlight issues that are affecting our clients to MPs, local councillors and other policy makers
  • talk with Surrey Councils about their services
  • work with local housing associations for the benefit of their tenants
  • liaise with neighbouring Citizens Advice offices to identify and research local issues that are adversely affecting our clients so we can work together to improve outcomes for local people.
Person pointing to their tablet showing graphs and data.

What's happening now

Is there an issue locally on which we can help? Get in touch via email on or

You can find out more about our current national campaigns on the Citizens Advice website.