Adviceline 0808 278 7930 (Monday to Friday 10am - 4pm)

Who we are

We are Mole Valley’s leading advice service – a local independent charity serving our community.

Here to help you

We are here for everyone across Mole Valley.

We can all face problems that seem complicated or daunting. We believe no one should have to face problems alone. We’re here to listen and advise, not to judge, and to help you find a way forward.

We provide free and confidential advice on all issues, including benefits, energy, housing, money, debt, relationships, immigration and discrimination, and support people in crisis situations.

You can rely on us because we are confidential, independent and totally impartial. We work to expert advice standards.

Our values

  • We value diversity, promote equality and challenge discrimination and harassment.
  • We believe we are all equal in worth, dignity and rights.
  • These values underpin all that we do for our local community.

Here to speak up for you

Every day we see the problems people in Mole Valley face. We use this insight to help you by lobbying for changes in the policies and practices of national and local government, and companies, that cause these problems. We speak up for you.

If you cannot see a way forward, get our help today.


We enable and encourage each other and our clients, with kindness and understanding


We work as one team, combining our skills and experience, and embrace partnership working to enhance our impact


We strive to be a trusted service with the highest standards, by seeking opportunities for improvement and innovation, and through continual learning


We champion equality and inclusion by treating all with respect. We persevere to achieve fair and just outcomes for our clients