Citizens Advice is the largest advice provider in the UK and has around 20,000 volunteers nationally. By joining us you become part of highly respected advice network dedicated to working to improving the lives of people in our community.

At Citizens Advice Mole Valley everyone works as part of a team committed to serving their community. We have many volunteer roles within our organisation and you’re sure to find one that fits your skills, experience and/or interests.

We are particularly keen to increase our number of advisers, so please have a look and contact us if this looks of interest to you!

We currently have a Research and Campaigns volunteer role vacant. If you would like to find out more, please see the campaigner drop-down section below, and/or follow this link to the volunteer description pack.


A sound support structure is essential for the running of any organisation, and Citizens Advice Mole Valley is no different.

Administrators ensure that Citizens Advice systems run smoothly and efficiently. There are various administrative roles, so we will match your skills and time to our service needs.

The administrators tasks include:

  • Using computer spreadsheets, databases and word processing software.
  • Maintaining and developing administrative systems.
  • Updating local information and stock control of leaflets and materials
  • Helping to arrange events.
  • Handling correspondence, telephone calls and emails.
  • Taking notes and minutes at meetings.

If you are interested in applying please complete our Volunteer Registration form.


Without our teams of trained volunteer Advisers we could not continue to meet the demands for our service.

Adviser’s have a very broad and varied role and are central to the services Citizens Advice Mole Valley provides.

 The role of the an Adviser is to:

  • Interview clients in the office, over the telephone and at outreach sessions.
  • Research information from our electronic information system and other sources.
  • Provide advice, explanation and help with the choices and consequences that the client faces.
  • Help clients negotiate with people such as creditors and service providers.
  • Give practical help by writing letters, making telephone calls, completing forms, etc.
  • Refer clients to other agencies who are better placed to help.
  • Keep detailed records of all clients’ cases.
  • Prevent future problems for clients by identifying failing policies and poor services.

The Adviser’s Skills

You don’t need any particular qualifications or experience to train as an Adviser. All sorts of people become advisers, but you will need to:

  • Be good at listening and being patient.
  • Be able to work in a team.
  • Be able to read and write English, and do basic maths.
  • Be open-minded and non-judgemental.
  • Enjoy helping people.
  • Be supportive to clients and colleagues.
  • Be confident using Information Technology.

Our Advisers don’t need to know everything. We provide free formal and comprehensive accredited training. Our training is backed up by excellent support, supervision and guidance to help you achieve the skills you need to deliver a high quality service to our clients. If you are a law student, this can earn you up to six months towards your solicitor training contracts experience. Once you have qualified as a Generalist Adviser, you will have the opportunity to develop further skills and increase the depth and breadth of your knowledge.

Our advice service has become more reliant on Information Technology and we now have an up-to-the-minute electronic system containing most of the information you will need when advising clients.

If you are interested in applying please complete our Volunteer Registration form.


By using evidence collected from our clients, you can help to bring about changes in local and national policies and services.

This will benefit many people, even those who have never used Citizens Advice services.

As a Campaign volunteer you will be involved in a variety of areas depending upon your skills and the time you have available. You might;

  • Raise awareness with staff and volunteers of current social policy issues.
  • Check evidence forms for quality regarding clients’ issues and problems.
  • Identify and raise relevant issues with Citizens Advice nationally.
  • Conduct research and write reports.
  • Get involved in media campaigning.
  • Liaise with our other advice centres and external agencies.

For more information please visit Campaigns.

If you are interested in applying please complete our Volunteer Registration form.


Citizens Advice Mole Valley is a registered charity and is totally dependent on funding from local authorities, business, charitable trusts and individuals.

We are constantly looking for fundraising volunteers to work in the following ways with our treasurer and Trustees to meet our fundraising objectives;

  • Help to research fundraising opportunities.
  • Organising fundraising events.
  • Help completing fundraising applications.
  • Putting together presentations to potential funders.
  • Providing support to fundraising groups, such as a local Friends organisation.

For the latest fundraising results visit News or for upcoming events or other ways you can help visit Fundraising.

If you are interested in applying please complete our Volunteer Registration form.

PR & Marketing

Citizens Advice Mole Valley must maintain a high profile in the local community in order to attract funding, to promote local and national campaigns and to ensure that potential clients know how to access our services.

We need PR & Marketing people to:

  • Produce locally-based promotional material.
  • Edit national Citizens Advice press office releases for local use.
  • Build good relationships with local media.
  • Promote active coverage of Citizens Advice Mole Valley work in the local press, television and radio.
  • Identify case studies of clients or volunteers who would be willing to talk to the media.
  • Produce copy for local publication.
  • Be trained as a local media spokesperson.
  • Arrange events, displays and talks to promote Citizens Advice Mole Valley.

If you are interested in applying please complete our Volunteer Registration form.

Recruitment Volunteer

Citizens Advice Mole Valley relies on its volunteers and is constantly looking for new ways to bring volunteers into the service.

We constantly need new volunteers to expand our services. This role is vital to our continued success and can be combined with the PR & Marketing Co-ordinators role.

Recruitment Volunteer’s duties might include;

  • Production of local volunteer recruitment materials, including leaflets and posters.
  • Preparing case studies about current volunteers for the local press.
  • Organising stands and displays in local community venues.
  • Giving talks about Citizens Advice volunteering.
  • Running open days for volunteer recruitment.
  • Ensuring that Citizens Advice Mole Valley publications are kept up-to-date with volunteering opportunities.

If you are interested in applying please complete our Volunteer Registration form.


Citizens Advice Mole Valley is a registered charity with a Board of Trustee Directors.

Some of the Trustee roles require specific skills but we welcome people of all ages, backgrounds and experience. As the Board of Trustees tends to meet in the evenings, this role could well fit with other full time employment or responsibilities. If you would like to play a central role in a well known and respected charity, this volunteer role might be just what you’re looking for.

The Board of Trustees:

  • Manage and plan Citizens Advice Mole Valley overall strategic direction.
  • Act as employer for the paid staff. Manage the finances of Citizens Advice Mole Valley.
  • Ensure that Citizens Advice Mole Valley complies with the law.
  • Are responsible for the premises and overall operation of Citizens Advice Mole Valley.

To see who is currently on the trustee board, visit Who’s Who

If you are interested in applying please complete our Volunteer Registration form.