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Sandra's story

Unfairly dismissed by an administration error

The problem

Sandra went on a pre-authorised family holiday immediately following a period of sick leave. When she returned from holiday and discovered letters from her employer saying she had been dismissed, she was shocked and could not understand what she had done wrong. Her employer claimed she had failed to attend a disciplinary meeting and to contact them when her sick note had expired.

Our intervention

Our Employment Specialist helped Sandra put a case together for Unfair Dismissal making two specific points. One was that her employer had sent the dismissal letters to the wrong address. The resulting delay meant that she was unable to act in the time period specified and furthermore, she was away on a pre-arranged holiday. Secondly, she did not know she was supposed to contact her employer at the end of the sick-leave period before going on holiday. Furthermore we also helped Sandra to claim Job Seekers Allowance during the period of the case, as she had no source of income.

The outcome

Following our intervention, Sandra’s employer agreed to reinstate her job and award her full ‘back-dated’ earnings. Sandra can now get back to a normal life without stress and anxiety.