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Rob's story

Terminally ill man threatened with housing repossession

The problem

Rob took out a secured loan on his family home some years before he was diagnosed with a degenerative condition, leaving him severely disabled and unable to work. When his wife could no longer hold down her job whilst caring for him, the couple were unable to meet the loan repayments.

Safe in the knowledge that the secured loan included Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) which would take care of the matter it was a huge shock to discover that the PPI payments had been stopped. Without warning arrears had built up on the loan and Rob and his wife were being threatened with court action to take repossession of their home.

Our intervention

We spoke to the creditors to explain their situation and delayed the court action. After getting proof of his employment status from HMRC we were able to reinstate the repayments and clear the arrears. Furthermore we discovered that the PPI policy had in fact been miss-sold and did not cover the full-term of the loan.

The outcome

We obtained compensation for PPI miss-selling and Rob and his wife were offered a full refund. They are now able to feel secure in the knowledge that the loan will no longer cause stress and anxiety.