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Amy's story

An incorrect benefits decision overturned

The problem

Amy is a single mum with a four year old son now living with her family. Recently her child tax credit payments were stopped because HMRC believed that Amy was living with a partner and as a result had received more than £2,000 in tax credit overpayments.

How we helped

The adviser explained which documents were needed to prove to HMRC that Amy was not living with a partner. The adviser also explained how to fill in the appeal form and also spoke to HMRC on her behalf.

While Amy waited to hear the outcome, the adviser helped Amy to obtain a grant from the Surrey Local Assistance Scheme for emergency items and get a foodbank voucher to help tide her over.

The outcome

HMRC acknowledged that their decision was incorrect and was then overturned. Amy received over £600 in back dated payments and confirmation that no money was owed to HMRC.