Caring for her disabled son

The Problem:

Fiona* has a young son who is severely disabled. She needs to give him round the clock care and to check on him regularly during the night. This means that she cannot work full-time. She was unable therefore to pay for the insurance on the car that she needed to take her son to school.

The Bigger Picture:

The stress and costs of looking after her disabled son led to Fiona’s marriage breaking down. As the full weight of caring fell on her she had to reduce her working hours. But with a much lower income she found that she was unable to make ends meet and could not afford the full costs of running a car.

The Outcome:

Using information on Fiona’s finances we were able to negotiate more favourable monthly repayments in line with her income and outgoings. After writing to a local charity, we received a donation to pay for Fiona’s car insurance. With the rest of the money, Fiona was able to buy a camera monitor to keep an eye on her son from her bed at night.

Fiona is now able to get a better nights sleep, her stress and anxiety is reduced and she is able to give her son the full support he needs.

*names have been changed